by Zinnie Harris

Goucher College Theatre Program

Main Stage Production






Due to COVID-19 and the closure of Goucher College for the remainder of the semester, there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to the future of this production. The play will not be put on in the Spring of 2020 but there is a possibility that the production will pick up in the fall semester. Regardless of whether the show is produced at all, the theatre department's Senior Class has worked incredibly hard for an entire year to make this production possible and we want to honor that. We look back on this process with pride and joy and encourage everyone to do the same. Though the play will not be produced as planned, we encourage YOU to look through this website and learn about this powerful and important play that holds so much relevance to our world today and recognize the work that the Senior Class and the rest of our company has put into this production. 




The Goucher College Center for Dance, Music, and Theatre is proud to present The Wheel by Zinnie Harris. The Wheel is a play about the trauma that war inflicts upon us, and it is especially concerned with the trauma inflicted on children. The play presents the never-ending cycle of war that is a result of this unhealed trauma. But the play also suggests that we can do better. That we may be able to alter the next cycle. 


The story begins in rural Spain late in the 19th century where a woman, Beatriz is tasked with returning a banished soldier's daughter to him. The audience follows the duo on a hundred year long journey across decades and nations, through the wars and conflicts of the 20th and 21st century. Each war and the individual scenes that take place within them have something to tell us about its corrupting effect on individuals, institutions, populations and the environment. 


Senior and Junior Theatre majors and minors serving as the leaders for this production are joined by members of the Goucher community to create a tight-knit, passionate company determined to bring the realities of war and its trauma to our attention. Taking concepts from theatrical forms and literary styles such as “Noh Theatre”, “Epic Theatre”, and Magic Realism, the production embraces a formal and highly theatrical presentation. The production will employ puppets, masks, ensemble-based movement, live original music, and magic! 


Some truths are better told in non-realistic ways.